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About Us: Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz was formed 2013.


The Uncle T Sound

Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz prides itself in presenting a fresh and catchy sound. Tongue in cheek, cruising, acoustic ballad, upbeat, duet, love song, etc. No two songs are alike.


“The Tribute Song”. Paying tribute to all genres that has influenced us. Funky, reggae and jazzy rhythm with rap vocal

”Stay For Awhile”. A love ballad.

”Love Will See Us Through”. A love song duet of a couple trying to work out their relationship.

”Happiness, Laughter & Joy”. An upbeat and joyous song of someone missing & returning home.

”My Old Stompin’ Ground”. An emotional acoustic ballad of driving by one’s old childhood neighborhood. 

“Back in Da Day”. A fun and cruising tune of reminiscing the good old days. 

“Da Yoisho Song”. A tongue in cheek daily life of a middle-aged dude, experiencing life in Hawaii. Only taiko drum and vocal. 



Where to find our music

You can find our songs individually or on an EP (Extended Play with 8 songs), on I-Tunes, Amazon Music, CD Baby and many other download links. You can also order a hard copy of our cd “Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz EP”, by emailing Mike at mikeyige@gmail.com 


Files coming soon.

Contact: Mike Ige mikeyige@gmail.com

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